• Specialized Care


Some health conditions or injuries may require specialized care after treatment to ensure patients have restored their independence before they get back to their everyday routine. Other conditions require closer monitoring to ensure patient have the best possible care. At Autumn Lake Healthcare, we are glad to offer clinical programs to help you or your loved ones to enjoy a healthy life.


These services are ideal for seniors who need a place to stay for a short time or patients who are recovering from their conditions. Our team offers customized programs to help our residents regain their strength so they can get back to their usual activities. We have a dedicated team of nurses, therapists, counselors, and doctors to help in the recovery process. Our short-term care services are ideal for post-stroke recovery, post-ventilator care, respiratory conditions, hip fractures, and heart surgery recovery.


Our long-term care services are open to people with severe healthy conditions, such as Alzheimer’s, and the elderly with unique health needs. Typically, our services are tailored to meet both medical and non-medical needs. This can include assistance with everyday tasks, including eating, dressing, bathing, and other tasks. We also offer transportation services for patients who may need medical attention. Our centers provide a way for residents to stay socially active and connected.


At Autumn Lake Healthcare, every patient is different. Therefore, a personalized approach is needed to address their unique needs. Our services are built on a foundation of care and love, and that helps us to understand every patient for the betterment of their health. We also offer a variety of services, so you can come to us for just about any type of specialized care that you need.