Autumn Lake Healthcare is a haven of healing and comfort and a name synonymous with quality healthcare in the subacute and skilled nursing care field. Autumn Lake Healthcare takes pride in ensuring that all patients’ and residents’ needs are anticipated and fulfilled.

Led by a superb management team of healthcare professionals possessing more than four decades of experience and expertise, Autumn Lake Healthcare has a network of facilities close to your loved ones, throughout Connecticut, New Jersey and Maryland.

Each facility in the Autumn Lake Healthcare network is renowned as an oasis of caring and professionalism. Imbued with timeless values of individualized care and cutting-edge clinical expertise, Autumn Lake Healthcare’s vision is best expressed in their signature “Bringing Hospitality to Healing™”

Via Autumn Lake Healthcare’s specialized programs that include intensive subacute rehabilitation, 7 days a week therapies, pulmonary care, wound care, dialysis, and IV therapy, Autumn Lake Healthcare has gained recognition as a leader in reducing readmissions and an optimal choice during the discharge planning process.

Autumn Lake Healthcare boasts an impressive low hospital readmission rate and has created a proven system to minimize and prevent readmissions by proactively and meticulously tracking the progression of every patient and resident, whether in the facility or once discharged.

Fraught with complications, hospital readmissions within 30 days of discharge are a tremendous source of stress and anxiety for both patients and their loved ones. Hospital readmissions create an increased risk of infection, at times aggravate patient conditions and place an added strain on already overburdened family members who shuttle back and forth from the hospital to visit their loved ones. Additionally, Hospitals are concerned with readmissions considering the numerous insurance regulations that often reject payment for services.

Autumn Lake Healthcare’s stellar staff of committed healthcare professionals, focus on the individualized care plans and specific needs of every resident and patient, thereby assuring successful patient outcomes and consistently lowering hospital readmission rates.

Success stories like Leslie, a sixty-six year old patient who underwent brain surgery after suffering an aneurysm, abound. “I could not walk, nor talk or feed myself,” remarks Leslie, reminiscing of an experience that now belongs to the past. “At the time of the hospital discharge, I was faced with a daunting recovery, and today I am a success story – thanks to Autumn Lake: they rehabbed me and today, I can speak clearly, knit and crochet, and next week (she adds with unbridled enthusiasm) I am moving into my own apartment!”

“This is what Autumn Lake is all about,” says Elizabeth Briganti, Director of Admissions of Autumn Lake Healthcare at New Britain. “We strive to deliver an experience that will be remembered for the excellence in care we provide and the warmth we exude.”

Essential to Autumn Lake Healthcare’s delivery of care, is the integral relationships that lie at its core: “from the dedicated attention of our patient concierge and our 24-hour nursing staff, to the specialized therapists, the smiles at Autumn Lake Healthcare are sincere, and the delivery of clinical services is definitely outstanding.”

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Autumn Lake Healthcare is a management company that provides non-healthcare services to licensed healthcare centers. All healthcare related services are provided solely by each independently owned and operated healthcare center. Autumn Lake Healthcare licenses the use of its name to Autumn Lake Healthcare Facilities.