Preventing readmissions and post-operative complications is the most fundamental aspect to successful and smooth rehabilitation.

It is a known fact that beyond being fraught with complications, hospital readmissions within 30 days of discharge are a tremendous source of stress and anxiety for both patients and their loved ones.

Hospital readmissions pose an increased risk of infection, at times aggravate patient conditions, and place an added strain on already overburdened family members who shuttle back and forth from the hospital to visit their loved ones.

As if that is not enough, hospitals frown upon readmissions considering the new Federal mandate and insurance regulations that often reject payment for services.

Ahead in the industry and consistent with their proactive approach to healthcare, Autumn Lake Healthcare created and implemented throughout its network a proven system that meticulously tracks the progression of every patient and resident, both while recovering in the facility and once discharged, as part of the patient’s continuum of care.

Successfully managing the key metrics often associated with complications accompanying pulmonary conditions, Autumn Lake is proud of their system that has produced an impressive reduction (up to 70%) in hospital readmissions.

A name synonymous with quality healthcare in the subacute and skilled nursing care arena, Autumn Lake Healthcare is renowned for their seamless fusion of individualized care and exemplary clinical expertise – and their broad vision of healthcare best expressed in their signature ”Bringing Hospitality to Healing™. Based on the premise that a Healthcare Center should be an all-embracing transcendent environment, Autumn Lake has created havens of healing and comfort throughout Connecticut.

The stellar staff at Autumn Lake Healthcare focuses on the specific needs of every resident, putting into action the individualized care plans designed for each patient, and consistently lowering hospital readmission rates, thus assuring successful patient outcomes and a quicker and safer return to home.

Autumn Lake Healthcare is a management company that provides non-healthcare services to licensed healthcare centers. All healthcare related services are provided solely by each independently owned and operated healthcare center. Autumn Lake Healthcare licenses the use of its name to Autumn Lake Healthcare Facilities.